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  • Fe Robinson

For whom are you most available?

Time is a funny thing, while sometimes minutes can feel like hours, it’s also true that there are a limited number of hours in the week.

A common theme for psychotherapy clients is that much of their available time is spent focusing on others. They may be caring for relatives, raising families, focusing on work commitments or serving communities, but often times there is one person who is left out of their focus.

Without looking after our own well-being, our resources for others are surprisingly finite. We can become drained and overwhelmed when balance is lacking between what we are investing and what we are receiving.

One sign of healthy relationships is that they energise both parties, leaving us both richer. Another sign is that each person also takes time for themselves, taking responsibility for physical, mental and emotional well-being. We can then engage from a position of want, of joy, of pleasure, and find a balance between us that mirrors the balance within.

If you find yourself persistently at the bottom of your priority list, psychotherapy may be helpful to explore what is happening that makes this so.


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