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About Fe Robinson

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My mission is to help you to be at peace by finding your own path in life, resolving difficulties and challenges along the way.

I’ve been a Psychotherapist for the last decade.  This is work I feel deeply drawn to, I find great meaning in facilitating people’s healing.   I became a psychotherapist to help clients evolve by providing a safe, energising therapeutic environment. 

I believe in playing to your strengths and drawing on your existing resources to be your best self. I treat each person as the unique individual they are, helping you determine what is right for you, and how you can grow the future that you want.

Therapy can be a tough process for individuals and for couples.  I am here to help you face the challenges and difficulties it brings up with compassion and courage, moving at the pace that is right for you to bring about lasting benefits.

I came to psychotherapy after a career in corporate Human Resources, specialising in Leadership Development and Organisational Change.  I’ve worked in the NHS, and volunteered for charities, these days I work in private practice alongside raising my young family.

I’d love you to browse my website. My blog will give you a sense of what I’m like to work with, and the service pages take you through different types of work.  Why not sign up for my periodic newsletter so that we can stay in touch?

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My training

My core training in 2011 was in Outcome Oriented Pscychotherapies, including neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) psychotherapy and hypno-psychotherapy.  In 2013 I trained in Eye Movement Densitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) therapy, an approach developed to relieve the distress of traumatic events.


The theoretical models that I draw from to deliver psychotherapy include mindfulness, self-relations, solutions-focused, symbolic modelling, psycho-dynamic, transaction analysis, gestalt, narrative and cognitive behavioural therapies. 

I am a UKCP Accredited Psychotherapist and an EMDR Europe Accredited Practitioner and work within the Codes of Ethics of both bodies.  I have regular clinical supervision and do a lot of continuing professional development work to keep developing my skills.

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