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online psychotherapy uk

Talking to a therapist can really make a difference, whether you're living through challenging life events, or working out what you want from life.

Therapy begins with an initial assessment to understand what’s bringing you and how you have reached where you are.  For some people it is enough in therapy to learn to cope with what they find challenging; for others therapy is about personal change and putting painful symptoms into the past. People seek support not only to help them through emotional difficulties, but also to enrich and enliven the lives they lead.  We will talk about how therapy works, and you can then make an informed decision about whether I am the right therapist for you. 

Following assessment, therapy varies in number of appointments and frequency depending on your wants and needs.  You can expect my undivided attention, I will creatively support you as you explore your current challenges and, if you want to, begin to make changes that leave you feeling better.

People come for psychotherapy for all sorts of reasons, including overcoming trauma or abuse, building self-worth, healing relational difficulties, depression, anxiety, grief, separation and divorce, panic, stress, a search for meaning, chronic fatigue, coming to terms with pain, overcoming addictions…and many more.  This is not an exhaustive list, if you want to know if I can help you with what you are facing, please ask.

Psychotherapy is a process, it can take time. We will form a strong therapeutic relationship, journey alongside each other through the work in hand, and then bring our time together to a gentle and well-managed end.  I work with clients for short periods through to many years, each case is different.

You can find articles I have written about self-help here, and psychotherapy here.

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