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  • Fe Robinson

Clearing your energy body

Like anything, we are energy and we are matter. This means that we naturally pick up energy as we go about our lives, from the people and places we interact with. We also contribute energy to the places we go and people we are with, we are in a continual exchange of vibes with our environment.

This makes taking care of your energy an important task that needs regular attention. There are many ways to do this, today I want to share one of my favourites. I came across it many years ago, and it is still a regular practice for me.

Imagine a powerful yet gentle magnet, positioned three metres in front of you. This magnet is not for metal, it’s an emotional one. Close your eyes and imagine the magnet gently drawing towards it any energy that is not serving you, here and now. This may be thought patterns, familiar feelings, connections to others, parental instructions, emotional habits or anything else that may once have been useful, but no longer supports and energises you. Imagine it all being pulled from you, and release it willingly. After a few moments, imagine the energetic cords being cut from the surface of your body, and imagine the magnet falling down into the centre of the earth to be recycled. Make a wish that the energy be taken into the earth and released. You may thank what leaves for its past contributions, and wish it well.

Repeat this exercise with a magnet three metres above your head, with a magnet 3 metres behind you, and finally with a magnet three metres below you. Imagine releasing energy from the different areas of your body, always wishing it well as it leaves.

When you have worked with all four directions, imagine a ball of light above your head, shining white. Call back to this ball all the energy that is connected to you that it would serve you and others to restore to your body. Gently imagine your energy entering the ball, and when this process feels complete, drop the energy down through your body as white or golden light. Allow it to fill all the spaces in you, and the spaces between the spaces, leaving you feeling complete and whole.

I like to do this exercise on a regular basis, recognising the many energy exchanges that happen each day. It can be very impactful, so do use it as often as feels right for you. You may notice you begin to feel more present and more whole, and more able to maintain your boundaries and your sense of yourself if you do.

To work with your energy and relationships, get in touch to explore psychotherapy sessions.


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