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  • Fe Robinson

Using sound to influence your mood

Using sound to impact mood

A wonderful conversation recently reminded me of the power of sound to affect a person’s mental state.  Music, the sound of waves, birdsong…there are many sounds that are evocative, which ones and what they evoke is different for each of us.

I wanted to talk a little today about some of the ways you might use sound to shift your psychological state and change your mood, if this medium is one that works for you.

  1. Playlists - it’s easy these days to put together collections of music of a particular genre or vibe, and you can use this to influence your mood.  As an example, I have a playlist I used to run to, years ago and for years, now just hearing it puts a bounce in my step and leaves me feeling energised and active.  Chant and lyrical classical music have quite different effects for me, chilling me out.  For others it might be heavy bass or dance music that provide the relaxation, it's all about knowing yourself and what works for you.

  1. Nature - the sounds of nature impact many, many people.  Be it the waves at the beach, the rustling of park or forest leaves in the wind, the babble of a brook or the calls of birds, these sounds can lower heart-rates and induce a sense of calm and well-being.  Taking some time out in whatever nature is near you is a great way of caring for yourself.

  1. Soundbaths - in a sound bath experience, a practitioner uses a range of instruments to create sound and vibration that travels right through you as you rest.  It can really change your energetic resonance, people often report feeling cleaner inside having had wave after wave of sound move through them.  Recordings are available as well as live soundbath experiences.  On a more simple note singing bowls, chimes and bells are ways of engaging with resonant sounds that can also have cleansing effects, both on people and on spaces.

  1. 5Rhythms - this is a type of therapeutic dancing that comes with soundtracks that take you through five different energies in turn.  Letting them wash over you and moving your body as you feel called to can be very releasing and refreshing.  Classes are available in places, and there is plenty of information online too.

  1. Podcasts and audiobooks - many people like to listen to literature, and to learn about a wide range of topics through the spoken word.  This can be deeply moving, provoking and relaxing…it all depends what you are listening to!

There are so many ways of using sound to impact your mood, here I have mentioned just five.  What are your favourite ways of changing your state with sound?

using sound to influence mood


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