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  • Fe Robinson

When the lights go out

Here we are, another festive season over, and the winter ahead of us. The Christmas lights are coming down. For many people the coming couple of months are the toughest of the year, there is little light or warmth, and the spring can feel far away. Add to that the ongoing pandemic and its consequences and whatever your perspective on it, it’s a complex and challenging picture.

Often the advice is to look forwards, to skirt around uncomfortable feelings, and to imagine better times. While this can be useful as part of the mix, it seems to me to miss the point of what winter offers us. Our natural rhythm at this time of year is to do less, to retreat within, and to reflect. So much has withered, and now is laid bare. At this time of year we can perhaps come closer to the ground, see more of what is there to be noticed, and take the time to be real about who and how we are, and what we do want from the coming months of growth.

We are not designed to be on Go all the time. We need to winter, to rest and recuperate, to reflect and learn, otherwise our next Spring may simply be a repeat of springs past, nothing much changing, old patterns simply going around again. Great for the ones that serve you and you like, not so marvellous for those that trip you up and cause you or others pain.

My invitation to you is to wonder how you can deeply witness and be with yourself this winter, while staying resourced and able to be balanced? Who and what do you want and need around you to help you in this endeavour? What makes your heart sing that you can do right now? How can you be your most authentic self as you journey through the cold months? If you would benefit from professional help to support you, reach out to a qualified psychotherapist.


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