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  • Fe Robinson

Poetic Silence

Today’s poem is hot off the press, I wrote it a few weeks ago. Wishing you a weekend filled with the joy found in the spaces between…


For a moment

Life pauses

And I feel into the space between heartbeats

Amid all the busyness of life

sits the gap

The in-between

The rest

The quiet between the notes of life's symphony

That make it a masterpiece

When the cacophony inside

Is deafening

The quiet is lost

The melody obscured

Harmony distorted

Fullness beyond capacity

renders all just noise

And so I breathe

Sensing into the unfathomable space between breathing in, and out

Between breathing out, and in

And I know that however discombobulating the din

Beyond, betwixt and between the noise

silence lovingly caresses

my willing ear

Fe Robinson, 2022


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