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  • Fe Robinson

May all that enters pass through to ground

I’ve been using this affirmation of late to remind myself that whatever it is that I am experiencing is not ‘mine’ and it’s not stuck. We are interconnected and our energy interacts with others and with our surroundings. On the average we’ll feel better on a sunny day in a beautiful environment than we will in a dark, closed-in room. We pick up energy and feelings, sensations even, from those around us, we can’t not. Emotion is ‘energy in motion,’ it naturally flows through us, delivers it’s message, and is released.

We naturally have a preference for feeling emotions we like (or that are familiar to us), and we draw back from those that are uncomfortable or unfamiliar. Finding an equanimity with them all, recognising them for what they are and knowing they will keep changing can therefore be both disappointing, and heartening, depending on what you feel!

I have two imaginations I use when I feel a little stuck. One is to imagine a waterfall flowing through me, from above my head right though past my feet. It’s not a visualisation so much as a multi-sensory imagining of water deluging through, at just the right temperature to cleanse and freshen, but not to chill. The other is to imagine my feet (and if sitting my sit bones too) are part of a huge tree trunk, and the roots below are drawing out what is not needed, and replenishing with the nourishment I need.

Sometimes it’s useful to get a bit more physical, and have an all over body shake, or to brush down your energy by brushing over your whole body (as if you were getting fluff off a jumper). I find both leave a pleasing tingle and freshness that resets me for the next thing I am engaging in.

So, may all that enters pass through to ground, and may you be filled with curiosity and wonder about what is now present as it is.


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