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  • Fe Robinson

Maximising your experience of life

I’m introducing another simple reflection tool today, one I met many moons ago when I trained as a life coach. It’s called a Life Wheel, and it’s a good way of taking stock of how life is feeling for you at the moment and why.

First, you need to list out the areas of your life that are important to you. The list won’t be the same for everyone, but often includes dimensions like family, friendships, work, learning, physical health, mental health, leisure, finances and home.

Next, divide up a circle into the right number of segments for your list. If the middle of the circle is 0/10 satisfaction, and the edge of the circle is 10/10 satisfaction, plot each dimension for how it feels for you right now.

This gives a visual representation for how you are experiencing the things that matter to you. You might want to look at it and notice what you are most pleased about, what you want to savour and celebrate. You might also notice what feels moving or challenging, and where life is not yet manifesting as you would wish.

You can use your wheel to reflect on which one or two areas are priorities for you to focus on. They may not be the dimensions with the lowest scores, they could be domains that are going well that you want to really invest in to maximise the well-being impact. Or, they may be difficult areas you want to spend some time exploring and transforming. Only you will know what is right for you.

If you want support focusing on maximising forwards movement, life coaching may be of assistance. If you want to work through thoughts, feelings and bodily reactions to where you are and the gap to where you wish to be, then psychotherapy may be more fitting just now. Either way, feel free to get in touch at or 01325 730021.


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