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  • Fe Robinson

Finding comfort in yourself, and love in connection

“When I am at home with myself, everything I do ends as a love poem” Yeats

What we experience depends on our state, on our way of being, in any particular moment. I loved this quote from Yeats which so eloquently expresses how life can be when lived from a place of comfort and contentment inside. It reminds me that when there is a depth of connection between our own being and our surroundings and the people we are present with, then love is the natural expression that flows between us.

Love comes from within, it is there in the way we are with ourselves, with the way we treat ourselves. When we are truly at home inside, then we are in a position to flow that love outwards, and indeed, every act, even the placing down of our shoes, can be a love poem.

Let’s be honest though, we are not always at home inside, and there are many moments when our actions feel like anything but a love poem. Being at home with our own pain and vulnerability, making space for that which we perceive to be ugly, unacceptable or downright difficult, is essential in these times. When we make space and welcome these experiences, they can tell their stories and reveal what it is they are holding for us. Love can begin to flow within us, from that in us that witnesses to the vulnerable and pain-filled places that are also our own self, and in time love flows back the other way too.

This is not an easy process, and it’s not a quick one either. And yet, to live a life of love, it is a necessary one. It can be deeply nourishing at the same time as it is difficult, it can shift our being, and make the flow of life so much easier.

If we’re honest, at our best we are all, perpetually, in a process of noticing, befriending, accepting and transforming ourselves. Life is growth, there is no staying the same, this is a fundamental truth.

Finding ways to be at home, within you, is a fruitful endeavour. How will you begin today?


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