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  • Fe Robinson

Can you hear the earth singing?

"Be still and listen, the earth is singing"

I was standing in the garden recently, just after a deluge of rain, and this quote came into my mind. I stood there for several moments, just listening. I could hear birdsong, and the wind rustling through my newly planted garden. I could hear the stillness somehow. I love it when the senses begin to blur, I had a sense of hearing the ground beneath my feet, and the clouds in the sky, I could sense the plants growing.

It was a timely reminder that when we pause, for even a brief time, we can connect up with the beauty and life that is around us. When your head is busy it's not so easy, but it is important.

One way of tuning in is to turn your attention inwards to your body, and to notice the sensations you experience in the moment. Then, from this base, feet firmly on the floor, you can expand outwards and notice what surrounds you physically. Go to each sense in turn, what you can see, hear, physically feel, smell, and taste, and notice what is there. When you pause and tune in, what do you hear?


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