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  • Fe Robinson

When you have a bad day...don't join in!

I was speaking to a wise colleague recently, and she shared an anecdote which made me smile.

She came home one night, with a big bunch of flowers in her arms, along with a bottle of champagne and some chocolates. Her daughter asked ‘Ooo, what is the occasion?’ My colleague replied ‘I had a REALLY bad day!’

I just loved it. How often do we join in when our day doesn’t got to plan? How often do you find yourself getting flat and feeling defeated, and allowing that to impact how you treat yourself? It’s in those moments of challenge when we need to really, really take care of ourselves.

I remember a Dalai Lama quote from many years ago, saying that he needs to meditate for an hour a day, except when he is busy and then he needs two hours. It’s the same principle, when things are tough, we need more resilience, and we need more nurturing and care to enable that.

Whatever you are living through at the moment, please take care to make sure your self-love practically and physically rises to the occasion. You are precious, and you are the person who most needs to recognise and respond to that.


Fe Robinson

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