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  • Fe Robinson

Trust yourself

Sometimes it is easy to lose trust in what you are experiencing. It may be that someone else somehow undermines you, convincing you that you can't trust your own sense of things, or that you have had an illness or mental health issue that has left you doubting what your intuition is telling you. Perhaps rumination has become dominant and you can't feel yourself for all the thoughts that are obscuring the here and now.

At times like these, dropping down into your body, and continually bringing your attention back to your sensory experience can be invaluable. Try focusing on your belly just below your belly button. Breathe in and out as if you were breathing through your belly, and each time your attention drifts gently bring it back to rest on this spot.

You can trust what comes up from deep within when you are grounded into your own form. Thoughts, and emotions, come and go. Finding ways to listen more deeply to what endures beneath these changeable expressions is the key to finding a deeper trust in yourself. While it may not always feel easy, and can be intense at times, it is well worth working at.


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