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  • Fe Robinson

The Abyss of Trauma

My weekend poem this week is called The Abyss. I wrote it in 2011. It speaks of trauma, of the fragmentation inside that happens when we have unresolved horrors that we have locked away, yet to be explored. For me it expresses the pain I sit with all too frequently with my brave and inspiring clients. If it resonates with you, it comes with my love.

The Abyss

Beneath the veneer

The appearance of normality

Lies the abyss

In that place of innumerable unscreamed screams

A million suppressed sobs and

tears held back in their thousands

lie waiting

Waiting to be noticed

Waiting to be heard

Waiting to be told they matter

To be brought into the light

To be validated, to be loved

Trapped within

A tiny girl

With tear-streaked cheeks

And no voice

Clutches her beloved bear

And waits


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