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  • Fe Robinson

Take a moment, take a breath...

I heard this little ditty on a children’s TV programme this week, it woke me up a bit.

Take a moment

Take a breath

Make a plan and

Try your best

Watching my little people dutifully taking deep breaths as they watched was sobering, it left me wondering what else they absorb from watching TV programmes. Then I got to reflecting on the impact of my own intake of dramas and news on my well-being, what goes for them goes for me too it seems.

I’ve been noticing since what calms, inspires, agitates and saddens me, and how my sleep pattern changes when I do or don’t use screens. It’s been interesting to suss out the differences and to experiment with my habits. Just bringing them into awareness has helped me plan my intake in a way that maximises health and minimises disruption to my state of mind.

I smiled to notice myself taking advice from a light-hearted kid’s show, it was a lovely reminder that teaching is everywhere, and we get to choose what we pay attention to and take in.

Where in life could you usefully take a moment, breath, and plan to do something different?


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