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  • Fe Robinson

Re-gaining perspective

It's sometimes the case that we lose perspective. When times are difficult, or emotions are intense, it is easy to imagine that whatever it is that is happening will last forever. Thankfully, and sadly, in equal measude, nothing lasts forever, not the diffuclt stuff nor the joyful.

Today's short blog offers two tips I have found to be consistently helpful for clients working to build emotional balance and resilience.

The first is to get a diary with just a few lines of space for each day. Use it to record one or two sentances that sum up how you have been. You might even add a RAG status to show if it was a red, amber or green day for your well-being. Having a daily record helps disrupt the illusion that whatever is happening now has been, and will be, forever.

Second, have a regular review of well-being, looking back over the last period to spot trends and patterns, and forward to the next planning how you can maximise your emotional and physical health. You might start weekly, and as you get into the swing of it span out to fortnightly then monthly, or you might do weekly and monthly as well to give differing perspectives.

Giving yourself more information on a daily basis is helpful to bring a detailed perspective, reviewing over a longer than usual timespan brings perspective and a sense of the bigger shapes and context. For health and balance, both are important.


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