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  • Fe Robinson

New therapy room finally complete!

I’m sat in my new office, writing my blog. It’s taken four long months to transform this patch of earth from deadened concreted to a new therapy room and a living, breathing garden beyond.

20+ tonnes of concrete out, 5 tonnes of topsoil in, and tradespeople aplenty contributed to this beautiful new space. I’ve been delighting in watching the birds explore the new planting, and already seeing foliage grow and flowers bloom. I might have muscles aching from painting and digging, but it is a satisfying feeling to now have this custom built space.

As is usual for any new beginning, I have in mind what I seek to create here. A sense of well-being for my family, myself, and my clients. A feeling of light and space, of groundedness and of growth, of exploration, and fun.

Therapeutically, I feel sure there will be many poignant moments; much darkness and pain will be revealed and many challenges will be explored. I know that my clients’ courage and resilience will carry them, and that new possibilities will come to light, and new ways of being will emerge.

I hope this will be a space of magic and revelation, of gentleness and love, of energy and of peace. I look forward to welcoming clients in person as soon as conditions allow.


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