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  • Fe Robinson

My experience of a Soul Circle

I had a profoundly moving experience recently, of sitting in the company of women, in a space of deep trust and warmth. I was participating in a Soul Circle, skilfully facilitated by Liane Maitland and Emma Cowan. As each woman spoke her truth from the heart, we listened as best we could with our whole beings. We were taking part in the practice of Council, similar to that of many indigenous traditions, where each person is heard and witnessed uninterrupted, and is responded to non-verbally.

As I sat there, I could feel tightness within me unravelling, and warmth spreading. The silent acceptance, and the depth it enabled, was deeply grounding. I felt connected beyond words and ideas, a body and energetic resonance felt shared around our circle.

While this resonance and sense of home is a feeling that is hopefully common in individual therapy, it is for me less common to find it in a group setting. I felt deeply privileged, and changed within, to experience community in this way.

To learn more about Soul Circles, and find out about participating in one for yourself when more dates are released, check out these details:


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