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  • Fe Robinson

Finding genuine understanding

“If we could allow the pace of our meetings to slow down to the pace of our hearts, we might find genuine understanding.” Marion Woodman

This beautiful quote spoke eloquently to me of what it is we do in therapy sessions. Oftentimes clients arrive with thoughts racing and anxiety coursing through them. Where this is the case, the only real job at hand is to help the client find their sense of themselves as a grounded, embodied person. To help them to sense their own physical self, and to find a way to regulate and soothe what is out of balance.

When we can slow our pace enough to listen inside, then we can begin to understand what it is that is true for us in the moment. We can explore what meaning we are making from our experience and what consequences this has for us. We can explore the impact our way of being is having on the other, in real time, and through this we can learn about ourselves in relationship, and find healing for whatever wounds we are carrying.

In a cost constrained world, it’s natural to talk about therapy as something that needs to be done quickly. It is an irony that it is the ability to work with our natural, organic rhythm that can enable healing and change. To go fast, we first have to let go of going quickly.

For therapy that is tailored to your outcomes and ways of being, get in touch.


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