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  • Fe Robinson

Embracing Doubt

Rumi’s beautiful poem, The Guest House, invites us to embrace all comers in our inner world, to welcome our emotions as the messages they are. Here’s a meditation on Doubt that I wrote back in 2012, in this same spirit of welcome.

Wishing you a weekend filled with love, in all its forms.


Doubt curls up, a fiery, gnarled ball in the pit of my stomach

Fear, anxiety, my emotions flash with intensity

And all at once I am like a small child

Clamouring for comfort and reassurance

Rushing to restore my sense of reason

But what is doubt?

Doubt tells me I care

No, doubt shows me I love

Doubt points the way to insight

Doubt enables understanding

Doubt brings startling clarity about what really matters most

And so I learn to make space

To embrace willingly the discomfort of wondering

if I am wanted

The pain of fearing I may not be enough

And as I do, doubt dissolves into serenity

Acceptance fills my heart

And I go deeper, further.

I move beyond

And I know, beyond its dark shadow

that doubt itself is love

(Fe Robinson, 2012)


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