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  • Fe Robinson

Connecting beyond yourself

I was reflecting recently on the deep interconnectedness that exists between humans, other humans, our ecosystem, fellow animals and our planet. We have messaging about it every day on our news as our weather and climate changes, it is harder and harder to ignore. Despite appearances, we are not, have never been, and could never really be, alone. Life is indivisible.

Imagine the irony then that to realise this at a deep visceral level, I spent a lot of time sitting in meditation, seemingly on my own. Sitting in the quietness, still, without distraction, is an encounter with our own self and its apparent individuality. Noticing my own patterns, foibles, strengths and perceived deficiencies, it was as if much needed to be stripped back before I could really release and surrender into the deeply intertwined nature of what is.

This is a theme that I come back to again and again in daily living. When I am filled with joy, it is easy to see and feel, it's like I overflow and my buzz is often contagious. When things feel tough, it is important to remember, because it really does help.

Part of the art of psychotherapy is to help clients, in their own way, to transcend themselves. Finding a sense of wholeness, connectedness, belonging and community are essential to mental health, and for many this is hard won and takes time. Healing the wounds of separateness, abuse and trauma takes delicate care, and a holding open to the vastness of possibility and the calling towards health that is an intrinsic part of us all.

If you are feeling lonely, my thoughts are with you. It can be a very deep and painful experience. It does not need to be this way, and if you are ready to explore what needs to change, psychotherapy may be for you.


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