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  • Fe Robinson

Celebrating the love that is life

This Friday’s poem is a celebration of love which I wrote back in 2010. To me love is what life is, it is the flow I become part of in deep meditation, it is the benevolence that connects all.

This is not to say life always feels this way, sometimes it is just hard, gritty and painful. It’s in these times that our connection may be lost. Aloneness can set in, separating us from the flow of life and taking us into a mindset of fear and scarcity. In these times we need love more than ever, we need it to really show up obviously until we can find our way back to it.

Given how hard life has felt for so many people these last two years, and continues to feel as war-torn 2022 unfolds, today I want to celebrate an uplifting piece about what love can be, and do.

Love is triumphant (2010)

Love is triumphant

It shouts from the rooftops of life

“Look at me”

Love’s not shy

No violet shrinking to forgotten corners,

recoiling from notice

Love is bold

Daring, unrepentant in splendour

Love takes centre stage

And yet, love is peaceful

Whispering softly through

silken lips

As it weaves sweet threads

of iridescent gold

around beautiful intentions

Love is subtle

Love forgives, it’s delicate touch

making safety infinite

Love envelopes all

Yet it is contained in the smallest of glances

The merest whisper of a smile conveys

a universe of emotion

Love is everywhere

It’s priceless ubiquity constant

yet playfully beyond touch

Love is open, it gives all

yet asks nothing

Love cannot be bought, captured or made

Love comes only to open hands,

to total freedom

where it can flourish and grow

Love has no needs,

no requirements or boundaries

No price, nor expectation

All love asks is truth

To fly on the wings of intimacy

unashamedly bare

For love is naked

It’s layers vulnerable

It’s delicate weave

impossible to destroy

For love is a fortress

It’s defences know no bounds

as hearts construct them

Love has many faces

yet one single soul

It shines, intention pure

complete in it’s connection

Love is the beginning,

and love the end

It is our journey

and life’s destination

Love is triumphant


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