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  • Fe Robinson

What does your space mean to you?

I’ve been preparing my house recently for a home blessing that is coming up. It’s really got me thinking about the impact of space, and possessions, on our state of mind.

Preparing for a home blessing involves a lot of cleaning and tidying. The general idea is to have everything clean and ordered, creating the most positive and calm energy possible for the blessing to take place in.

Living a hectic family life there was certainly plenty to go at. It’s been interesting to notice my relationship to the many things in the house that remind me of times past, and the impact of the multiple trips down memory lane as I order and let go of the memorabilia.

I’ve also been reflective of the change in my physical and emotional state as the house has become cleaner. It not only feels fresher, it also feels lighter, and bigger. Of course, I am aware these are my feelings that interact with and are projected on to the space, but it’s nice to realise how much more the space is leaving me smiling and energised.

Space matters, and how we treat it matters too. The care we show for the things around us reflects the care we have for ourselves. Our tendencies to let go or hold on reflect how things are for us emotionally. When a lot of space is taken up with the past, there is not so much capacity for living now.

I’m pleased of the opportunity to reflect and regroup, looking to the future and what we as a family want from our home space, and what I as a professional want from my work space. An exercise I found useful was to reflect on these questions:

  • What does your home represent to you?

  • What is important to you about home?

  • What personal values do you want home to reflect?

  • What kinds of experiences do you want to have in your home?

  • What do you need to do to bring these values and experiences into being?

The late spring-time is a great time to reflect on what you want to give life to, and what you want to bring into bloom in the coming months. Why not give it a try?


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