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  • Fe Robinson

We're constantly living in a temporary situation

I heard this phrase recently, spoken in the context of Covid, lockdown, and the process of re-emerging to a life with more contact while being aware that new safety measures may at any moment be needed. It resonated deeply.

As the idea rumbled around my mind, I became aware that this is not just an idea that relates to the global pandemic. It is a universal, fundamental tenet of life. Nothing lasts for ever. All is continually changing, including our own selves. Physically, emotionally, mentally, we are in a continual process of development, and of adaptation to the ever changing conditions of our lives.

Coronavirus has really brought this reality to the fore, and given many of us a much greater sense of the changeability and fragility of life. It has also highlighted the sense of community and commonality, the way we can act collectively to protect the vulnerable and cushion each other from the aspects of the situation we find most difficult.

We can’t always choose our circumstances. All we can do is choose our responses to what is happening as best we can, accepting that all is changing, and that however bad, or good, things may be, this too shall pass.

If you’re feeling stuck and would like to create some movement in your perspective or well-being, get in touch to talk about online psychotherapy.


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