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  • Fe Robinson

Time to sit still

Are you grabbing at life?  Do you find it hard to wait and let things come to you?  Do you repeatedly reach out for others to fill you up? If so, you are pretty normal, and probably in some discomfort.

We all have wants.  There are things, and people, that it can seem pretty difficult to live without.  From mild feelings of in-completion through to painful cravings, it’s the human condition to want and yearn.

A skill of life and living is learning to want, but to not always act on your desire.  Being able to choose, is important. Then, when needed you can be with the craving and to retain your poise and balance, even as you wish for something to happen.

This matters because those you chase will often run away.  That which you reach out for will sometimes evade you. Sometimes the wisest thing to do is to sit still, to notice and be with your wanting, and yet to let life come to you.  Then you can enjoy more fully what you have, knowing it came freely and without obligation. 

What do you most savour about your life today?

A Jizo figure, reminding us to notice what we appreciate


Fe Robinson

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