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  • Fe Robinson

The truthful nature of psychotherapy

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.”   Schopenhauer

A colleague shared this potent quote recently, and it put me in mind of the therapeutic process and the importance of being deeply honest in ourselves, about ourselves.

One of the roles of therapy is to shine a light upon things that are perhaps evident from an independent perspective that may not be so clear for us within ourselves.  I liken it to holding up a gentle, loving, and truthful mirror. The mirror enables the client to see more of who and how they are, so that they can begin to embody their whole self, and to act with integrity and authenticity as a result.

Self-knowledge is not always easy.  Oftentimes when we really take a good look we discover things that we may prefer not to acknowledge.  Then, we deny and we resist.  Trouble is, if we do the same patterns will recur again and again.  Hopefully we accept the self-evident before we wreak too much havoc within and around us.  When we do accept, we can then begin to learn and grow.

I get quite cross when I see therapy and also mindfulness sold as solutions that will bring only peace of mind and happiness.  Nothing is quite so simple.  Self-knowledge can be challenging, even when it brings rewards that far surpass the challenge it presents.  No path is one-dimensional, if it were it would not be worth travelling.

Sometimes therapy can feel like a crucible, in which the old melts away, and alchemy can happen.  The key thing is to have a therapist who can contain the process, who can be alongside you ensuring you feel safe as you journey into the unknown and unconscious, and bring back the gifts that lie within and bring with them tremendous rewards.

If you would like psychotherapy that enables you to get past your fear and resistance, and into the territory of growing in ways that feel resonant and right for you, get in touch at, or on 01325 467042.

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