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  • Fe Robinson

The cracks that let the light in

“There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in” Leonard Cohen

This mental health awareness week, let’s end the myth that there are some of us who have perfect mental health, and others who have something ‘wrong’ with them. Our mental and emotional state ebbs and flows, we are all flawed and vulnerable beings. Now more than ever this is apparent, as we each cope differently with the significant life changes thrust upon us.

Why not use this mental health awareness week to go inwards and reflect on your own emotional health, and identify what you can usefully work with to keep yourself as well as you can be?

Why not also reach out to those you love and care about, and go beyond the superficial ‘I’m fine’ when you ask how they are? What does that really mean? What are the good moments like? And the ones that are tougher? What’s on top for those you want to support? How can you help them? And how can they help themselves?

There is more that is the same about us than there is that is different. ‘ There but for grace go I’ is a useful reminder of the universal nature of emotions, thoughts and health. Spare a thought for those who are currently mentally suffering this week, and all year long.


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