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  • Fe Robinson

Re-setting and becoming happier for the new year

Happiness comes in many guises – on the one hand you’ve got the hedonistic delight of eating your favourite chocolate, on the other is the eudemonic idea of living a good life and the contentment of feeling self-fulfilled.

Increasing happiness in a sustainable way is about allowing and enabling yourself to step more fully into your authentic self.  Ask yourself: 

·       When do I feel most like me?

·       What makes my heart sing?

·       What energises me?

It’s a good idea to take stock of where your time goes, and who you spend it with.  Who is it that brings out more of who you are?  What are the activities that bring out the parts of you that you most like?  What and who take you away from the person you want to be?

Re-setting for the New Year is about taking an honest look at what is important and valuable to you, and matching up your time, energy and resources to these things in 2024.  This might mean moving away from old habits and some relationships, and shifting towards new things, and it might mean re-kindling things that were great for you in the past that you’ve lost connection with.  There is no one fixed answer.  The most important thing is that you do you, after all, everyone else is taken!

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