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  • Fe Robinson

Propagating your own way forward...there is no one answer

In my blog earlier in the week I mentioned my ancestor the Rev Adam Buddle, who was a botanist.

Looking back at some old files recently, I was musing on Rev. Buddle’s story, and on botany more generally. As I contemplated, I kept coming back to the process of plant propagation. Plant propagation is the creation of a new plant by mixing existing plant parts (seeds, cuttings, bulbs) from more than one pre-existing plant.

I made a connection with something I had been reflecting on in client work. Through a testing time, people often find themselves repeatedly looking for THE solution, the one thing that is going to transform the way they feel and make everything seem OK. The trouble is, generally no one thing will work. I’ve seen people suffer through cycle after cycle of ‘answers’, each time getting more despondent when the results are not what they wish.

Oftentimes, each thing we experiment with will have its place, and make a difference, but no one thing will be the whole answer. As you make several small changes its more often the blend of adjustments that add up to improving your well-being and functioning. In effect, just like a botanist, you are propagating your own unique way forward, responding to your own specific challenges.

We are all individuals, with unique needs, preferences and talents. Despite modern marketing’s best efforts to convince us that a particular diet, exercise plan, purchase, hobby, social set or anything else will be THE answer to our troubles, the truth is it will not. There is no short-cut. The way to health in body and mind is to find our own particular blend, our own unique formulation, and to be prepared to keep adjusting and morphing it as we, and our circumstances, evolve. For some people counselling can be a useful part of this propagation process.

When you are facing challenging times, look inwards and listen carefully to your own wisdom. Ask yourself what it is that makes your heart sing? What have you stopped doing that you love? What have you always wanted to have a go at? Most of all, when you are still, what is it that you know deep down will help you right here, right now? You may be surprised to find you have more insight than you realized when you take the time to reflect and connect within.

For a space to be still, listen, and respond to your own wants and needs, get in touch. Online psychotherapy is available.


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