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  • Fe Robinson

On being open to possibilities

Humans have a natural bias towards the negative. In order to survive, like any animal, we need to be aware of risks and danger. Being alert and vigilant to them is part of what has helped us to evolve and thrive.

And yet, many of us have felt the effects of what happens when these tendencies become out of balance. Anxiety, depression, isolation...the moment to moment experience of a bias towards what is wrong and what might not go right can be really debilitating.

It can be important to balance this out with not only a sense of what is working, but also with a sense of what is possible. From wherever you are, there are always possibilities. They may initially be small, but as you begin to bring them into being they can grow, and so can your sense of self-esteem, confidence, and perception of what is OK with you and with the world.

Next time you experience the dread or emptiness of your negativity bias, acknowledge what it is you are noticing, and how you feel. Then, ask yourself, what is possible? What small steps can you take to build on where you are, what can you do to move yourself towards where you want to be?


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