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  • Fe Robinson

Nowhere to go, no-one to please...

Stephen Gilligan, the Self-relations psychotherapist, was one of my teachers when I trained as a psychotherapist. His way of being, and his work are key influences on my professional practice, as well as my spirituality and self-belief.

Today I wanted to share one of the hypnotic interventions I saw him make that had a profound effect not just on the person he was doing a demonstration with, but also with me. As he was inviting a client to let go into their deeper experience, to be alive to what was inside and what was flowing, he gently and slowly said:

“Nothing to cling to. Nowhere to go. No-one to please. Nothing to do in the body except relaxation.”

How very true those words are. Really. I wish you a weekend filled with their meaning. May you inhabit your own self, fully and freely, and from there meet those you interact with from a place of love and abundance.


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