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  • Fe Robinson

New trauma approach available

I am delighted to have recently trained in the NLPt (neuro-linguistic programming psychotherapy) Trauma Protocol, which provides an efficient and effective way to support clients in recovering from the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder. The protocol is being researched by King's College London, and stands on the shoulders of previous NLP techniques including the V-K Dissociation technique and the RTM Protocol. The NLPT Trauma approach is suitable for both single incident PTSD and for complex PTSD, and in studies so far has a strong evidence base.

I will be using the NLPt Trauma Protocol alongside Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) as part of integrative psychotherapy, assessing with each client what is best for their individual circumstances.

If you have PTSD and would like to know more about the NLPt Trauma Protocol to inform your treatment choices, get in touch.


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