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  • Fe Robinson

Mindfulness Matters

"Silence is the most powerful scream."

I saw this quote, and internally felt a strong ‘ouch.’  It really spoke to me of the unknown author knowing quite some distress and discomfort.  Yes, silence can be excruciating, and it can loudly speak of agony.  And, silence can be cosy, comfortable, enveloping, accepting…it can be so many things.

I guess the truth about silence is that it is whatever we project into it.  Silence gives us the space to understand what it is that we are experiencing, in relation to ourselves, and/or in relation to other people when we are with them or thinking of them.

Meditation is a practice based on the insight that silence reveals.  Sitting (or standing or lying) still, breathing, and being aware of what is arising, moving through and leaving in our bodymind is a very useful practice.  It lets you know what it is that you need, which is essential knowledge for effective selfcare.

The idea of meditation can be daunting, and indeed, it can reveal things that it can perhaps seem easier to keep out of awareness.  Trouble is, it is this swerving of feelings and thoughts that leads to the scream of the silence.  What is brought into the light and sat with can dissipate, what is repressed can not.

If meditation is new for you, there are many ways of taking small steps to safely explore it.  There are a plethora of apps that can help you, and there are many classes and groups across the UK where you may meet people with similar interests and receive support and guidance.

For 1:1 support with mindfulness and self-knowledge, feel free to get in touch.  Here’s more information about the way I work with clients:

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