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  • Fe Robinson

Maximising your health

I’ve been reading Cured by Jeff Rediger over the last few weeks, an exploration of mind-body connection and the immune system in the context of healing from serious illnesses, including those considered incurable. It’s a thought provoking read, studying the exceptions, the people who have healed in ways not predicted by medical science.

I have been struck by the enquiring tone of the book. It does not present a recipe or give simple answers. Instead it presents the patterns that evidence suggests, and encourages the reader to turn inwards and explore what it is that works in their own experience, with their own bodymind. It offers that there is no one fix all, and that healing is not an easy path, it is seldom a path where we are done to and carried along. There is something active and vital in what Rediger illuminates, a curiosity about our own being, a commitment to our own health and healing.

I am left with a sense of it being important not to wait for a serious illness to appear before reflecting deeply on what contributes to our health and what detracts from it. The power of belief and honesty with ourselves is clearly articulated by Rediger, and this chimes with my own experience both personally and as a psychotherapist. It’s a timely reminder of the importance of really looking deeply, and being prepared to be with, and change what is seen, such that different things begin to happen.

This process of modelling our current reality, and moving towards the outcomes we want and away from the patterns that no longer serve us is at the heart of a meaningful therapeutic process. How inspiring to read of the effects on the physical body when this engagement is life-wide and cross-context. Healing is not a magic bullet, no one thing will fix all, but it is possible to find blends of ways of caring for your being that make a significant and meaningful difference to your health.

If you’re curious about health and well-being, Cured is a great read!


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