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  • Fe Robinson

Knowing your full worth

I had an interaction with a former colleague a short while ago which was a great reminder of the importance of knowing my worth. We had not worked together for about 15 years, and it was lovely to reconnect. As we did so, we reminisced about times past, and recalled our impressions of each other back in the day. I was surprised to be reminded of aspects of myself that now, in a different career and life stage, I am not so tuned in to. I was also surprised to notice the way we reinterpret things with the distance of time, what I value now has changed from what I might have noticed then, life experiences do that to us.

As well as a joyfulness in connecting, the very valuable lesson I took away was the importance of knowing our own worth. It’s easy to forget capabilities and attributes that have been part of our journey to here but are not so much in use. Re-connecting with them has given me a sense of confidence and of energy, it’s reminded me of aspects of myself that are very valuable, even when I don’t use them as often as I did.

A useful exercise to do that builds on this insight is to capture a timeline of key moments in your life, things that have been memorable. Then, notice what it was about you that made those possible. What part did you play? What skills did you use? What values did you display? What beliefs supported you? What identity did you hold?

You will notice that different aspects of you show up in different times and places, and knowing that all of them are you is important. We are all worth a very great deal, after all as humans like all other life we are living miracles made up of the dust of far-away stars. Do please remember all that you are, and from this place of confidence act in ways that bring your best to the fore, fulfilling yourself and shining your own unique starlight for folk around you.


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