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  • Fe Robinson


I wrote this short poem a few weeks ago when I was sat in my therapy room, about to start work. I wanted to share my sense of blessing for the space, and for life. Have a great weekend.


Birds sing, their pitch gently rising and falling in the stillness of the spring morning

Bright sunlight caresses the garden, the flowers bask vibrantly in the warm light

Sitting in the peacefulness, I am content

Senses alive, I hear the gentle movement of the clock, and feel the cool morning chill on my skin

The air is full of promise

The warmth of the day yet to come

Experiences yet to be had

Emotions yet to be felt

Laughter yet to be enjoyed

It is a moment so fleeting, and yet eternal

Resting in the stillness

the animation of life

is abundantly present

In the midst of this vibrant, resplendent, awe-inspiringly beautiful life

I sit, blessed and humble

A gentle smile beneath twinkling eyes

I greet the moment

Fe Robinson, 2023


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