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  • Fe Robinson

Finding peace in constant adjustments

I’ve been reflecting on the continual change and uncertainty that our current environment presents us with, and its impact on well-being. Consistently, just as it seems clarity is emerging about what the next steps are for us socially and economically, new information comes to light, and adjustments need to be made. Plans for businesses, holidays, social events and more are made, cancelled, changed…and we do our best to adapt.

It seems to me that it is natural and normal for any of us to struggle with this. Much as we might know that control is an illusion and the only constant is change, most of the time we can create a sense of stability and continuity in our lives and these truths are not so apparent. At the moment, instability and continual change are front and centre, we can not avoid them.

It may be comfortable to think ‘I’ll feel better when…’ You may well. More potent though, is to really be with your experience of how things currently are and to find ways to be accepting of plans, hopes and expectations changing at short or no notice. When we bring the sense of peace within, rather than depending on what happens, then we can find equanimity and live well grounded.


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