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  • Fe Robinson

Eid Mubarak

Yesterday evening and today Eid ul-Fitr is celebrated by Muslims around the world following a month of abstaining from both food and drink during daylight hours. Having not undertaken this, I can only imagine it takes a lot of self-control and dedication. The intention of fasting, which is used in many spiritual traditions, is to bring oneself spiritually closer to God. For Muslims Ramadan is the month that commemorates when the holy book, the Qur’an was first revealed.

Eid ul-Fitr is a joining together of family, friends, and communities to feast and enjoy food and drink, in celebration and in giving thanks.

Every spiritual tradition has its own way of commemorating important events, and festivals to celebrate. The rhythm and ritual bring great meaning to those who undertake them, and shine as examples of spiritual life across traditions and communities. The sense of wonder and well-being that can flow from spiritual practice is well documented.

Wishing all who celebrate it Eid Mubarak


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