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  • Fe Robinson

Dying Matters

Death and Dying are not subjects people much like to talk about. And yet, it is a universal experience that we go through. People we love die. And so will we.

This Dying Matters Week, there are five aspects of preparation for death that are being highlighted. They are:

  • Taking care of physical needs - for example planning where to die, and end of life care

  • Meeting emotional needs - talking about death, talking with loved ones

  • Making financial plans - getting a will in place that reflects your wishes, making funeral plans

  • Preparing spiritually - whatever your faith, or whether you don’t have a specific tradition, preparing for death and making your peace with what is happening can be a great comfort

  • Considering your digital life - making sure your social media presence, digital assets and financial matters online are attended to

The end of life is a big deal. It really matters. You really matter. While conversations about it can seem tough, not talking may make it even more difficult. The more we love, the more pain we feel.

This dying matters week, who do you need to talk to to be real about the possible paths ahead?


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