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  • Fe Robinson

At Year's End

I wrote this poem this time last year. So much has changed, as always, life will never be the same, it never is. I hope you enjoy the sentiments and find your own dance and rhythm, whatever the year end brings.

At Year’s End

At year's end

My heart is peaceful

Just a beat away from misery and pain

I am at rest

Sensations, feelings, thoughts,

All have been whirling like dervishes

and yet somehow I remain upright

There is no gap

No difference

No space between peace and pain

All is one

Multi-faceted, entwined and entangled

This is life


In all its glorious complexity and contradiction

I sit, and touch the earth

In the pause between heartbeats

All is sent to ground

Connected, I am held.

In perfect balance

I whirl and dance


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