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  • Fe Robinson

Affirming yourself

Going through some old files recently, I happened upon this verse./  I first heard it decades ago from a colleague, whose daughter had been taught it at a club or school.  It made me smile so much at the time I wrote it down, it still makes me smile so here it is:

Wonderful, marvellous

I am quite magnificent

Brilliant in every way

Great is what I say

Top notch, A1, first class, well done

Let me tell you straight

Wonderful, marvellous

Me…I’m great!

Now, I’m not one for arrogance, but for those of us who suffer from low self esteem a playful ditty is a powerful thing.  Affirming yourself can really help. On the days when you feel like nothing is going to plan, why not make up a little tune and sing it to yourself?!

Have a great weekend

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