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  • Fe Robinson

Adults need play

A theme I often return to is play, and its importance. I was first introduced to this concept back in 2008 by Stephen Gilligan with his triad of archetypal energies that we all need: Tender - Fierce - Playful

More recently I learned of Jaak Panksepp’s work discovering seven emotional brain systems that are innate, I smiled to learn that one of them is play. It’s a hard-wired circuit we are born with. It’s biological.

Why, oh why, do we think it’s not adult? We all need play in our lives, it is one of the ways we are born to behave.

If you are feeling short of lightness and levity, why not be spontaneous this week? Try something new, something fun, something that will bring laughter and fun.

Can’t think of anything? Remember what you loved when you were young. Ask friends. Watch children. Ask a search engine...whatever it takes.

How will you play today?


Fe Robinson

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