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  • Fe Robinson

Where you look determines what you see

I was reminded of a story recently that not only made me chuckle, but also made me feel a touch uncomfortable in its familiarity.

There is a man on a street, late at night, stood underneath a lamp-post studying the ground. He is clearly looking for something. A passer-by notices he has been there some time, and yet he has not found what he seeks.

The passer-by decides to help, and asks the man what he has lost.

"My keys" the man replies

"Ah, did you drop them somewhere here then?" the passer-by asks.

"No", the man replies, "over there, but there is light here."

Sometimes we are tempted to focus on what is easier, or perhaps habitual. We may have a story of our life that includes some accepted wisdom about what has happened and how the past affects us. It may even be true. And yet, that story and that wisdom may be holding us where we are, and stopping us stepping out and experimenting with new ways of acting, thinking and being.

If you want things to be different, I invite you to step out of the light and into the murkiness, it’s in the unlit places that learning and discovery are more likely to be found. If you need some support to do this, then get in touch and let’s go there together.


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