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  • Fe Robinson

What makes life joyful this Stress Awareness Week?

This stress awareness week, take a moment to notice what it is that makes life joyful. It’s easy to think it’s the big stuff, you’ll feel better when you get the project finished, or when you get promoted, or when you’re in a relationship. Actually, that conditional kind of happiness may well lead you to keep needing to chase ‘bigger and better’ goals, with goalposts that keep moving out and a joyfulness that never arrives.

Instead, this week how about staying open to the little moments that make life worth living? To the sunlight in the morning sky. To the glorious autumn foliage. Or luscious hot chocolate. Or the smile of a young child. I don’t know what makes your heart sing, but I’m sure that you do, and that its not complicated stuff.

This stress awareness week, seek out the joyful right there amidst the normality of daily life. It may just reduce your stress levels!


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