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  • Fe Robinson

What does beauty mean to you?

“Beauty is a radiance that originates from within and comes from inner security” Jane Seymour

Beauty is often conceptualised as being about the way someone looks. This is only one way of considering it. To me, beauty is far more in the energy I sense when I am with someone, it has little to do with their physical appearance. When people are at peace with themselves, they radiate that peace outwards, and it is quite a feeling to be with. A felt sense of comfort, calm and security emanates from their self-acceptance.

Self-acceptance does not mean that anything goes. To me it means looking deeply inside, and being real about what we find. Really examining ourselves, both in our likeable, loveable, endearing attributes, and in our pithy, dark, troubled ways of being. It means seeing clearly ALL of the aspects of who we are, and finding ways to make space for all we find, and to help it reveal the gifts within, however unsettling and uncomfortable what we see at first may be.

Inner beauty does not come cheap. It comes from the moment to moment work of years through which we come to know and accept ourselves in all our peculiarity and uniqueness. Beauty is the radiance that comes from loving our whole selves, without condition, and from that place of love continually developing into the best of who we are able to be.

Security does not come from sameness. Security comes from deep internal roots that allow you to flex and bend in the wind. Like a stately old tree, with gnarly bumpy branches, our security comes from the grace to let energy move through us, and radiating what we most want to bring to life in the world to those around us.

We all are beautiful. We can all radiate. Sometimes though, it can be hard, our energy constricts and we lose our sparkle. If that’s you just now, then perhaps psychotherapy may be for you. To find out more, get in touch at


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