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  • Fe Robinson

The flowing fluidity of psychotherapy

Carl Rogers described the therapeutic process as one in which we move from fixed to fluid, from closed to open, from rigid to flowing and from stasis to process.

There is a beauty in this, and also a discomfort. We move from the known and familiar to the unknown and evolving. This can feel daunting to start with. It may even put you off the idea of therapy. Somehow, now has to reach a point where it is less preferable to something different before your journey can begin.

Letting be is an essential step along the way to discovering and creating. Until we are able to find a way to be with things as they truly are, in all their light and also their shade, all their darkness, murkiness and ugliness as well as their beauty, clarity and shimmer, change is not possible. How can you step forwards if you don’t first know where your feet are?

Therapy does not move us from here to there. It moves us from stuckness to motion, enabling us to journey on beyond the therapeutic relationship, to keep evolving and growing for a lifetime. Done well, it is about building interdependence, and independence, and moving past patterns of co-dependence that bind and limit us.

Therapy is seldom easy. It can however be simple. Honest witnessing, speaking truths, expressing freely and letting energy flow, therapy can be an engaging, lively experience which encompasses laughter as well as tears.


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