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  • Fe Robinson

On letting go

Letting go is painful. Particularly if what you are holding onto is dearly loved, or if the letting go is not your choice. What is sometimes missed is that holding on is also painful. Continuing to cling as circumstances change and life moves on can cause you to contract, stiffen and become brittle and vulnerable.

Life is a flow. Energy continually moves through us, and we are constantly evolving. Breathing with what you feel and think, and grounding your awareness in your body can be very helpful if events leave you feeling lost or helpless.

You are so much more than your thoughts, or your feelings. Allowing the people around you to connect with you, drawing on the power and inspiration of the natural world, and connecting up the vulnerable and the strong inside you are all essential components of allowing life to unfold and flow.

It is not always easy to be with what hurts. It is even less simple to sit in the middle of life’s flow and accept that nothing lasts forever. And yet, this is truth. This will pass. Pain moves just as quickly as joy. You will endure. In time, you may well thrive.


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