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  • Fe Robinson

National Loneliness Week

This week is loneliness awareness week, and it seems well timed. As society opens up and we begin to edge out into more social engagements, it’s perhaps easy to forget those in our community who are not able or not yet confident to get out and about. There may be people that through lockdowns you have gone out of our way to have contact with, if so it’s important to keep these connections going as circumstances change.

Loneliness is a significant contributor to mental health issues. It’s not just those who are alone who may be lonely, others may have people around them and yet not be able to reach out, and as a consequence still feel very lonely.

Meaningful connection and contact are key to combating loneliness. We all have a human need to be seen and heard, to know we are significant, and cared for by others.

This loneliness awareness week, please reach out to others and take the time to connect. Contact has benefits for all of us, not just for those we reach out to.

#LonelinessAwarenessWeek2021 #letstalkloneliness #mentalhealthawareness


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