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  • Fe Robinson

Making the most of the festive season in 2020

There’s naturally a lot of apprehension about this festive season, and a focus on what we are not having and not able to do. It’s important to grieve for any loss, and also to notice what still is possible and to be present with this year rather than stuck in Christmases past. Here are some tips for making the most of your festive season in 2020:

  • Connect meaningfully with the people you love and care about. Remember those early days of lockdown where much creative stuff was going on on video-platforms? Why not design some for the festive season and re-invigorate the online connections where physical connections are not possible

  • List ten things that make your heart sing that you are able to do, and regularly do them. From watching a sunrise or sunset to hot chocolate to dancing like no-one's watching, they don't need to be big or extravagant, its more likely the small, simple things that give a sense of joy. You could encourage those you love to do this too, and enjoy doing some of them together

  • Make sure you are noticing what is possible this Christmas, and planning how to savour and make the most of it. Which traditions can you do just as normal? Which can you adapt to this year?

  • Recognise what is not possible and make space for your feelings about that. It's a loss, it needs grieving for, you don't have to pretend its all fine or sweep it under the carpet. Be real with yourself and those you're intimate with

  • Look towards the spring and our emergence gradually from restrictions, and reflect on what you can do during this winter period to ready yourself for what you want to have happen next. How can you make this a time you look back on with pride and pleasure?


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