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  • Fe Robinson

Making space

Space is at a premium currently. Whether you are working flat out, or not working at all, we are all confining ourselves in our homes for our leisure time at least.

We experience space internally, just as we experience everything within ourselves. This is really useful, because it means we can play with our experiencing to create different experiences, even in the same situation and place. Here are a few ideas for helping yourself create a sense of space, anywhere.

Using your physiology

You can create a sense of space by taking up more space, literally, with your body. Stand up, and take a moment to drop your shoulders back and down. Notice how your chest lifts, and your breathing deepens, automatically. Now, look up, further expanding the space in your upper chest and throat. Now breathe. At least 5 deep breaths.

Using energy

We are energy as well as matter. We have porous boundaries, and we can influence what does and does not come in and go out.

Imagine you have a bubble, or second skin, at arms length distance from you all the way around, above and below you. Visualise your bubble to be made of whatever works for you - colour, texture etc. Sense the energy within your bubble, and breathe it in deeply. Notice the edge of your bubble, and consciously move outside it anything you choose not to hold close right now. Just imagine picking it up and dropping it outside. Now, imagine your bubble being full of what you want in it - be it peace, calm, joy, get to choose. At times when you feel invaded, just bring up your bubble and do this exercise, and find your own ground.

Using your mind

I’m sure many people will have been trying to clear their minds of all the thoughts that feed fears, worries, anger, resentment, shame, guilt etc etc that may be passing through at the moment. If that’s you, stop. The more you try to make your mind be still the faster and more insistent it will become.

Instead, try mindfulness. It’s not about changing anything, it’s just about acknowledging what is, and connecting more deeply anyway. You can do it using an app like Calm, Headspace or Buddify, or you can do it while walking slowly, or sitting still, or doing a daily task.

Just bring all of your attention and awareness to where you are and what you are doing right now. Each time you notice your mind has wandered off, smile gently and refocus on your chosen focus. And repeat. And repeat.

You may notice that calm and peace exist in the same space as whatever else you are thinking and feeling. They are not opposites. One can hold the other. You are so much more than your thoughts and feelings.

Using your environment

OK, so the options are not what they usually are, but we can still use space wisely. Use different rooms for different activities if you can. Or, sit at a different chair at your table for family time to work time. Use a different mug for your drinks with different activities. Get dressed for work and change for leisure.

Open the windows, go and stand outside for a few moments, listen to the birds. Really notice the detail and nuance of your environment. There is always more than you are yet aware of.


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